For my mother

I started crying as I was finishing my conversation with Mom on the phone today.

They were tears of joy – in being able to hear the voice of someone who makes me so happy, and they were also tears of pain in knowing that, however many decades we have left together, our time with each other on this earth is still finite.

She often says my brother, sister and I will never know how much she loves us, but I was crying because I don’t think there will ever be the words to convey how much we love her and how utterly grateful we are that she is the core of our life.

Mom knows how to love and she knows how to survive–and she knew how to make sure her family survived and thrived based on that knowledge and love.

There is no deeper intelligence than this and there are few things more powerful than this.

Through my mom, I get a sense of how her mother, and her mother’s mother, and all my mother’s mothers each survived and nourished another generation.

Mom, I cherish every day we spend together. You’ve been the best teacher I’ve ever had because you taught me how to love.


EBONY: Ferguson activists targeted by aggressive police

Activists from Ferguson and other parts of St. Louis say they were targeted for arrest at a protest last week. Nine people were taken into custody last Monday after roughly 40 people protested the police shooting of 16-year-old Brandon Claxton, who is now paralyzed from the waist down.  St. Louis Police shot Claxton on Saturday, July 11 claiming that he had a gun. They then detained his 14-year-old brother for 48 hours without alerting the child’s mother or giving him access to a lawyer. Monday’s arrests came one day after police violently arrested an initial set of protesters from the youth group Lost Voices, breaking one young woman’s arm and spraying a young man in the face with mace.

“We weren’t arrested–we were kidnapped,” he said. “They were pulling people off the sidewalk in an organized fashion. Deliberately going to specific people. If it’s about arresting people who were impeding traffic, we weren’t the only ones impeding traffic.”
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